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Watch your rate rise and your money grow with our 24-month Escalator GIC.

With your rate increasing every 8 months over the 2 year term - the longer you stay invested, the more you’ll earn. Plans change? No problem. Access your money on each eight month anniversary if you choose.

24-Month Escalator GIC Features

  • Rates increase and interest compounds every eight months over the two year term, with an effective yield of 3.19%.
  • Ultimate flexibility – redeemable, in part or in full, on each eight month anniversary or up to 30 days after. Investments redeemed early will earn the prevailing rate up to the day of redemption.
  • Available for both registered and non-registered funds. The Deposit Insurance of Ontario (DICO) insures eligible deposits up to $250,000 and provides unlimited protection for deposits in registered plans.

Market-leading rates and flexibility make the 24-Month Escalator GIC a smart way to save!

To take advantage of this smart investment and start celebrating your savings, visit your branch or call 1-800-616-8878.

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24-Month Escalator GIC Rates
Months 1-8 1.80%
Months 9-16 2.80%
Months 17-24 4.80%
Effective Yield 3.19%

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