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Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

Saving by degrees for degrees.

Every family knows that the high cost of post-secondary education may put college diplomas and university degrees out of the reach of many Canadians.

If that’s your concern, here’s our answer: A FirstOntario RESP with regular contributions invested to generate growth over the years before high school graduation. Sounds like a good idea? The federal government makes it an even better idea by adding 20% to your regular contribution*, and deferring tax on the growth of your investment in the RESP.

We’ll help put your RESP contributions to work with Guaranteed Interest Certificates (GICs) for total security; Investment Savings Accounts for maximum earned interest; Mutual Funds chosen from a selected list of top performers; or stock and bond purchases with the guidance of our Credential Securities Investment Advisors.

Take the first step toward helping your child, grandchild or other qualifying family member by opening a FirstOntario RESP. We’ll be pleased to explain all the details.

RESP Investment Options

 *Certain conditions apply. Check with us for details.


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