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Loan and Mortgage Insurance

Your Financial Safety Net

Buying a home is usually the single largest purchase a person makes in a lifetime.  But, have you thought about what happens if an unexpected event ocurrs that changes your life?  Now you can protect your family home with mortgage life Insurance and disability insurance at an affordable cost .  It’s the sensible way to protect your largest financial commitment.

Protect a Loan or Line of Credit

Most Members want to pay down their outstanding loans or lines of credit as quickly as possible.  But the unexpected can happen.  Loan life and disability Insurance can provide flexible protection for your loan obligations at an affordable price and can compensate you up to $250,000.

Replacement Income… When Your Family Needs It Most

With mortgage, or loan, life and disability insurance, your debt is taken care of should anything happen to you.  If you suffer a terminal illness, or have an accident, the insurance can pay your entire outstanding mortgage principal amount up to $500,000.  If you become disabled, your regular monthly payments would be made for you, to a maximum of $2,000 per month. You remain insured until you are no longer disabled, until your loan or mortgage has been paid in full, or until you received benefits for five consecutive years. 

It’s Easy to Apply

It's easy to apply for this valuable protection.  In most cases, you only have to answer a few health status questions.

Let's chat. Call us at 1-800-616-8878 or visit your local branch to speak with a Member Consultant about monthly premium credit life and disability insurance. A few minutes of your time today could help secure your family's financial future.

The details of this insurance product, including important exclusions, restrictions and limitations on the coverage and benefits payable, are contained in the Product Guide and Certificate of Insurance that you will receive upon application.

Creditor’s Group Insurance is underwritten by CUMIS Life Insurance Company.

CUMIS® is a trademark of CUMIS Insurance Society, Inc. and is used under licence.


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