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Consolidation Loans

Get Off the Debt Treadmill

We understand that, at times, debts can get out of hand.  If you’re facing the crunch of high interest charges, you’re probably finding it difficult to make even your minimum payment each month.  If you owe money on credit cards at interest rates of 18.9% or more, it feels like you’re never going to get out from under.

The Power of a Consolidation Loan

A consolidation loan from FirstOntario may be the answer.  It lets you exchange all your monthly payments for a single, manageable payment on one loan – usually at a substantially lower rate than what you’re presently paying.  Interest rates on new personal loans may never be lower in your lifetime than they are right now.

Take Control of Your Debts

Stop those annoying collection calls from creditors and preserve or restore your good credit rating.  A Consolidation Loan gives you a second chance to change the things that got you into a difficult place.  Start working toward a debt-free future.

You’ll have a choice of monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payment options to match your cash flow.  Plus, optional life, disability and critical illness insurance are available to make sure you and your family are protected in the event of illness or death.

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