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Fixed Rate Mortgages

Peace of Mind

Don’t want to guess which way rates may go in the years ahead?  Then rest easy with a Fixed Rate Mortgage from FirstOntario.  You’ll start with a very competitive interest rate and enjoy peace of mind that it will remain the same throughout the entire term of your mortgage.

For maximum flexibility to suit your desired time horizon, you can choose from terms ranging from as short as six months to as long as seven years.  The six-month and one-year terms are also available as open mortgages, with no penalty for prepayment.

Other Great Features

► 90-Day Rate Guarantee

FirstOntario lets you shop for the right home with confidence, knowing your pre-approval guarantees your interest rate for 90 days from your application.  If rates increase during that period, you’re protected; if they fall, you get the full advantage of the lower rate.

► Payment Flexibility

Select a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment option. To retire your mortgage earlier and save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan, choose an accelerated payment option.

► Prepayment Options

You can benefit from generous prepayment privileges up to 20% (15% on a 7 Year mortgage) of the original principal amount annually by either topping up regular payments and or a lump sum deposit.

► Skip-a-Payment

If unforeseen financial circumstances pinch your cash flow, you can skip a mortgage payment once a year (not applicable on High-Ratio mortgages).

► Mortgage Protection Insurance

Life, disability, critical illness insurance and loss of employment are available to make sure you and your family are protected in the event of illness or death.

Let’s chat about your home-buying plans. Call us at 1 800 616 8878 or visit your local branch to book your Service Chat today.


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Fixed Mortgage Rates

1 year closed3.79%
4 year closed3.79%
5 year closed3.89%