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Buying a Home – Building a Life

Buying a home is more than a major financial investment. It’s a major emotional investment as well. In fact, buying a home is more than a matter of matching money to a mortgage. It’s also a matter of finding a partner to share your dream of home ownership.

At FirstOntario, we’ve shared the dreams of first-time home buyers, renovation planners and growing families for 75 years now. We meet their needs for competitive rates, flexible terms and straightforward advice with a teamwork approach designed to get things done free of hassles and unnecessary concerns.

Check out these features of every FirstOntario Owners 1st mortgage. Then schedule a Service Chat to share your dreams with us.

• We’ll provide a 90-day guarantee on pre-approved mortgages, so you can house-hunt knowing your rate will not change during that period
• We’ll offer mortgage insurance at low rates to protect you and your family
• We’ll include portability or assumability features in your mortgage if you sell and move
• You’ll have a choice of bi-weekly, weekly, monthly or accelerated payment schedules
• You can choose to make annual prepayment privileges of up to 20% of original principal without penalty
• You can “Skip A Payment” once a year (subject to conditions)

Whatever your mortgage needs, we have the perfect fit. 

Fixed Rate - For homebuyers who want peace of mind knowing their mortgage payments in advance.

Variable Rate - A wise mortgage strategy when rates are below standard mortgage levels.

Convertible - A short-term closed mortgage at a fixed interest rate with the option to convert to a longer-term mortgage when you choose.

►Construction Mortgage - Ready to build your dream home yourself? We’re ready to help with financing.

► Investor Mortgage - Acquiring a property to generate rental income is an effective way of generating future investment. We’ll find the right mortgage to get it done.

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