US Dollar Chequing Account

For the Frequent Traveler

If you travel frequently to the United States, you know how costly it can be to change currencies back and forth.  And if you own property south of the border, or have other reasons to pay U.S. bills, wouldn’t it be easier if you could write a cheque?
WE have a convenient solution for you– the FirstOntario US Dollar Chequing Account.  Receive two free withdrawals1 every month (only $0.50 per withdrawal thereafter) and no-charge deposits (cash or cheques), all for a monthly fee of just $1.00.  And we’ll waive the monthly fee if you keep at least $200 as a minimum monthly balance. Senior Members can take advantage of the US Dollar Chequing Account with no service charges.

We Pay Interest, Too

Not only is our US Dollar Account a low fee account, it’s also earns interest.  Balances of $3,000 or more earn interest, calculated daily and credited monthly.  Now that’s a chequing account!

Let's chat. Call us today to set up your US Dollar Chequing Account. Park your US cash somewhere other than a drawer at home, and enjoy the convenience.

1. Cheques, POS, direct (ACH) debits, in-branch withdrawals/transfers, bill payments, Internet and telephone debits and pre-authorized payments.


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US Dollar Exchange Rates (Cash)

Exchange Rate(buy)USD1.353
Exchange Rate(sell)USD1.2995

US Dollar Exchange Rates (Cheque)

Exchange Rate(buy)USD1.3445
Exchange Rate(sell)USD1.308