End the Year with a Surprise Nest Egg

If you find yourself strapped for cash when it comes time to make an RSP contribution, now there’s a simple, painless solution. 

Invest-as-You-Go lets you build up an RSP, TFSA or unregistered savings deposit through automatic contributions of as little as $50 a month from your FirstOntario chequing account.  Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly on pay days, monthly, or even semi-annually, just choose the frequency that suits you best.

It’s Easy to Set Up, and You’ll Love the Results

You’ll be surprised how painlessly you can build a substantial contribution by the end of the year if you sock away a little each month.  Just drop into your nearest branch or call us to set it up.

And remember… monthly contributions to RSPs put your money to work faster.  You’ll earn a greater return than just making one lump-sum contribution at the end of the year, even if the rate of return on both types of contributions is the same. 


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