Our Board of Directors

Dedicated to Your Interests

Your Board of Directors are 12 democratically elected individuals who work closely with FirstOntario’s leadership team to help ensure we stay on a course for continued success.

Being a Director of the credit union is a rewarding experience.  We sincerely appreciate the time and effort our Directors dedicate to planning our future and ensuring that our Members' best interests are a part of everything we do.

From left to right: Peter Pennacchietti, Irene Lowell, Otto Penner, Sandy Gribben, Stu Walker, Mike Shepherd, Dianne MacLean, Carey Smith, Lucy Morton, Rick Sroka, Lorie Peacock, Catherine Rogers


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Otto Penner, Chair, Term Expires 2017

Carey Smith, Vice Chair, Term Expires 2019

Sandra Gribben, Term Expires 2018

Irene Lowell,  Term Expires 2019

Dianne MacLean, Term Expires 2018

Lucy Morton, Term Expires 2017

Lorie Peacock, Term Expires 2019 

Peter Pennacchietti, Term Expires 2018

Catherine Rogers, Term Expires 2017

Mike Shepherd, Term Expires 2019

Rick Sroka Term Expires 2017

Stu Walker, Term Expires 2018

To contact any member of the Board of Directors, please forward your inquiry to:

Corporate Secretary:

Jennifer Saunders-Finlay, EVP Governance, FirstOntario Credit Union

2017 Board Committees

Governance Committee

Stu Walker – Chair
Lucy Morton
Carey Smith
Lorie Peacock
Dianne MacLean
Mike Shepherd

Audit Committee

Rick Sroka – Chair
Stu Walker – Vice Chair
Irene Lowell
Catherine Rogers
Peter Pennacchietti
Elections Committee

Elections Committee

Carey Smith – Chair
Sandy Gribben
Peter Pennacchietti
Catherine Rogers
Irene Lowell
Mike Shepherd

Strategic Oversight Committee

Dianne MacLean – Chair
Sandy Gribben
Lorie Peacock
Lucy Morton
Rick Sroka
Mike Shepherd


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